This congregation is a group of people
drawn together by a common faith in Jesus Christ
for the purposes of worship and service.
         We are a free fellowship in that anyone who chooses may be a part of it. Yet it is more than a voluntary association (such as a lodge or fraternity). When one becomes a Christian he also becomes a member of Christ's church. He is then obligated to be in active fellowship with those of like precious faith ("Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves together..." Hebrews 10:25). This congregation therefore is not just the product of our own decisions, but is a creation by God. As scripture says, "And the Lord added to them day by day such as should be saved" (Acts 2:47).
         The church's members wear no name but "Christian." That does not mean we have attained to everything this name represents--we do have shortcomings. But we are called into fellowship with Christ so that what is lacking can be supplied by the power of the Spirit. In other words, we recognize our own weaknesses, but, as Christians, we rely on HIS strength. Since we are a divine-human fellowship, we can acknowledge the likeliness of our humanity to err but still believe that our divine leader can and will use us to promote his kingdom. He empowers us to continue his work through our service to others and through proclamation of the Good News.

         We believe the scriptures teach us to create free, independent, self-governing congregations with Christ alone as head and, therefore, no denominational affiliation or earthly headquarters. We do recognize a closeness to other churches of Christ. But each congregation is free to study, teach and work locally as directed only by the Lord through the Bible. It is our desire for our church policies and practices to agree perfectly with the scriptures. We deplore the religious division that has resulted from the establishment of denominations and writing of creed books. We pray for a time when all professed Christians shall divest themselves of any humanly devised barriers and come into the unity of the faith that is in Christ.

         This church does not exist to fulfill selfish purposes. Rather we follow the example of Christ who came to serve mankind and give his life as a ransom (Matthew 20:28). To the extent we are able, we help financially and bodily to continue Christ's service both locally and throughout the world. We pray the Father for more laborers in his vineyard here in Brentwood so that we may serve him better and his children more.
This is intended to be a brief introduction for those unfamiliar with churches of Christ. It should not be considered a doctrinal or creedal statement. Nor should it be considered exhaustive. The policies and practices of our congregation are intended to be guided solely by the Bible.

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